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    Hello gurus and yodas

    I’m trying to change the language in the mobile menu “choose a page” to swedish. Have figured out it must have something to do with avia.js and have changed line 1959 “top-optiontext:” to swedish words but nothing happens what so ever.

    Do I have to make modifications somewhere else?

    Please help asap as the customer is going bananas. Very nervous person:p



    Please find line 1962 of /js/avia.js which looks like”:

    topOptionText: 'Select a page',

    Please make sure u are using the latest version of the theme.





    I’ve updated the theme manually (the folders and files described in the changelog) and replaced line 1962 (wich was formely 1959) from “select a page” to “Huvudmeny”. That didn´t help. At all. Resize the window to mobilesize in “” and see the “select a page” pointing its indexfinger in my face…. I´m ready to start crying. Looked and tried everything I can think of.

    Please help me out.


    Hi Chasm,

    What are you using to translate the theme? I changed it on my live install in the same place you have without issue.





    For the website linked from your name which uses Angular theme, you were able to make the change without a problem? Please see ->

    What is the URL to the page where this is taking place.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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