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    hi, I would like to change the “Home” in the menu to the “Hem” so that it will suit my language but I can not find the option in the main options page or somewhere else.


    Have you tried to change the name of the pages? At the left of the wordpres menu select a page and change the name of it.


    you can create your custom menu in appearance->menus

    there you got the full choice on how you want to display the menu item names and where the should link to


    I have the same “problem”. All I want to do is simply change “Home” to “Hem” and keep all the other pages I have created. When I try to do it the appearance->menus way, everything get so unorganized and I can’t get it to work.


    Open lots_of_small_helpers.php located under Cleancut > framework > helper_functions

    Change following line as you like:

    echo "<li $current><a href='".get_settings('home')."'>Home</a></li>";


    Great! Thank you! :)


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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