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    I just bought your theme that I love!
    By cons-I “tear my Hair” to find how I can change the height of the contain’s slider images.
    By default they are rectangular: 290x210px, and I want them to be square: 290x290px.

    The problem is that I can not find the CSS selector …. it’s JS?

    Finally, I would like to modify the effects on picture: “normal”, “hover” and “active” as preview images like this :
    current site is visible on root domain:

    Would you have a paid service to quickly make changes to the theme?
    (I have a lot of work right now)

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    Hi taholu!

    I could not connect to your website “airchicdesign est fermé pour maintenance”. Please post a temporary login so we can take a look.
    Which slider would you like to use?
    For hover effects you have shown, you are going to need to hire a freelance developer on Microlancer or Codeable for that kind of customization as it is beyond the scope of support we can provide. You can also request quote here.

    Best regards,


    I hope my issue is related to this post. I also went nuts trying to find the appropriate CSS. I want to move the three boxes up a bit. My CSS viewer identified the applicable CSS under flex-column with a 50px top margin. I have looked at every CSS file but can’t find this.

    Appreciate any help. LOVE the theme!

    This is the temporary link – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /



    Please add following code to Quick CSS and adjust as needed

    #av_section_1 .content {
    padding-top: 0;



    Thank you! That worked perfectly.

    Is there any CSS documentation available? Even with my CSS viewer it take forever to find the right CSS file.

    I have now spent a couple hours trying to get a semi-transparent background to better define the three text areas. The CSS identified the section as avia_textblock, so this was the code I added –

    #avia_textblock {
    background : rgba(000,000,000, .5);

    That didn’t work and I have tried everything I can think of but nothing works. This is a fairly standard format and I’m a little confused as to why the theme won’t recognize standard CSS.

    Appreciate your help.


    Trial and error. I figured it out –

    #av_section_1 .avia_textblock {
    background : rgba(000,000,000, .5);
    padding: 20px;

    I changed the text to white as I think it looks better, but I’m wondering if there is a way to also show my transparent background when I am editing the page? I have white text on a white background so I can’t see it.



    Now I have something very weird. I’ve added rounded corners and shading and the third box is now higher than the other two. I checked and rechecked the CSS and I don’t see any difference for the third box. ???




    Seems like you have already figured it out! This is how i see your page –

    Best regards,


    No. Don’t you see the color difference in the third box? It’s more grey than blue.



    Color difference occurs because of background color. Just to check, you can add following code to Quick CSS and see that background color of 2nd box is different when it is in position of 3rd box

    div .av_one_third { margin-left: 39%; }



    Sorry, I’m new to the theme. I don’t understand what you are saying. My CSS Viewer shows all three “boxes” are identical in background color, #000000 with the transparency setting, although I don’t know why my CSS Viewer reports this as “#000000undefined”.



    Color difference is because of this
    You can try removing it and you will see that actually background color of boxes are the same


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