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    In a previous post I asked how to change the heading font colour and boldness, which is great, and works fine. Is there a way to have a heading be bold in some places and not bold in others?

    My heading is “DESIGN | create | INNOVATE” Where caps represents where I want boldness, and lowercase is normal. Is this possible?

    Also, Can I change the heading font to one not in the habitat list? I want to use Helvettica bold (75) but it’s not on the list…




    it’s possible if you use spans with font-size or weight attributes. I.e. like:

    <h1><span style="font-weight:bold">DESIGN |</span><span style="font-weight:400">create</span><span style="font-weight:400"> | INNOVATE</span></h1>

    If you’ve a license for Helvetica (commercial font!) you can follow the instructions here: to implement it.


    Hi, I’m a tad confused as to where I would put the code you’ve given me, as there’s no place to alter the code of the headings in wordpress…? (it’s the actual title of the page).


    Aha, I apologise, I realised I’d have to remove the actual title and create a new one. Many thanks, solved!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Ah, quick second part to that question. I checked, and we definatly have a helvetica license, and we actually have two helvetica fonts. My boss wants DESIGN and INNOVATE to use the font I just managed to install (helvetica 75) but he wants create to be our other helvetica font. I understand I’d have to add that one to my wordpress site like before, but after that how would I add it to the spans? (as I have had some serious arguments with css fonts already…)


    The best way is to use a class in style.css

    I.e. create a class

    font-family: Helvetica....

    and add this class to the span like:

    <span class="helvetica75">My content</span>


    Sorry, I’m obscenely bad with anything font related! on the first piece of code, what do you mean by font-family:helvetica……? I feel like I should really be able to work this one out…




    .helvetica75 {
    font-family: Helvetica....


    .helvetica75 {
    font-family: "Helvetica", sans-serif;


    .helvetica75 {
    font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "Helvetica", sans-serif;

    if you want to use Helvetica Neue (where installed) because it looks nicer :)



    Grand, thankyou. So even if I dont have neue installed on my wordpress, it’ll display? That’d be cool if t were right, so I hope it is! Anyway, thanks very much!


    Ah ha…no, wait…no ah ha.

    I’m confused. I have a folder of fonts my company has the license to, and there’s something like 20 or 30 neue’s alone…How do I differentiate between them in that way?

    Also, do you mean I have to install the font on the site like I did the last time? As it wouldn’t let me add one, so I already had to replace one…


    Absolutely anything I change in the css class is having absolutely no effect to the heading at all…

    I’ve veen just tried making it font size 2px just to check it, but no luck. Nothing seems to be affecting it at all, except whats actually called within the span, and the helvetica75 command isn’t being activated.


    Stupid me – we run into problems here. Cufon replaces all h1 headlines automatically so you would need to remove the h1 tag from your headline and use a span instead. But this affects your seo (because h1 headlines have priority) so doing this wouldn’t be clever. All css font properties are useless because cufon will replace your heading anyway. Conclusion: You can’t use Helvetica in the headline without implementing a second cufon font. A second cufon font will however increases your website size (dramatically) and increases loading times. Another drawback is that I can’t help you implementing the second font because it’s beyond the scope of this support forum.


    Ah, fair enough. To be honest I’m just happy to be escaping the land of fonts! Thanks very much for the help anyway :)


    Glad that I could help you :)

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