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    I’ve used twicet for a while now – but feel its time to move to one of Kriesi’s newer themes.

    Within Twicet, I’ve made 4-5 changes to the code – nothing major – mainly repositioning of elements on pages and also widening the Menu drop downs.

    My question is:

    If I upload a new Worpdress theme, I understand it’s a ‘simple’ as switching between themes in WP-ADMIN

    Will ‘everything ‘ simply translate to the new theme (I’ll leave everything undefined for the moment :-) )

    Will my pages be slightly ‘scrambled’ in the new theme and require a lot of rework

    Does a new theme change current SEO ranking

    etc etc

    I can easily have the website ‘off line’ over a few evenings to make changes as necessary if that helps



    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated




    Any comments or advice in migrating from one theme to another would be appreciated



    Hi cjayd34,

    I apologize for you never getting a proper response here! There will still be quite a bit of setup needed to be done when switching themes. The content within your posts and pages as well as menus you have set up will be unaffected.

    Everything you have done within the theme specific options will not be carried over as the options are all new and different.




    Appreciate the response –

    If it was possible to answer the following:

    1) Is there a good tool you can recommend which will allow me to

    a) Comparei Kriesi’s orginial twicet files with those I have changed (eg stye.css) and at least help me find my changes (I did put comments etc in with the historic edits to help find changes

    2) Also – any comment on the way search engines and ranking might be affected.

    This would be a useful generic article for all of Kriesi’s users –

    we are all on old themes and would probably like to move onto the newer themes if we could obtain some guidance



    1) You can use tools like notepad++ or Sublime Text 2 to compare the text content of two files.

    2) All themes with the new framework are seo friendly and by using tools like: you get even better results. The theme change itself forces Google to reindex your website (because the content and html structure of all your pages will change) and this can result in a negative impact on the site ranking for a few hours/days but it’s just a temporary phenomenon.


    Thanks for the response – greatly appreciated

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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