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    Hello, you have indicated me that Broadscope is not being updated anymore. This way is becausse I was thinking to chsnge to Enfold theme. I have a few questiosn abut it:

    1) Do I have to optimize and arrange many thhings to change the theme (

    2) Does enfold have the posiibility to have two differnt sidebars? (one in the left and one in the right?) – for emample one sidebar with a menu and the other with a contact form.

    Looking for your reply, Carmen


    Hi carmen!

    1. Yes it would take a bit of work such as re-configuring the menu, widgets, and styling but you can do all of that within the dashboard.

    2. It does not but you can use our widget area shortcode to kind of mimic this feature. You might have to do some extra CSS work to make it look perfect.



    Is it true that Broadscope isn’t supported anymore?

    I’ve a lot of sites (35) running on the bought broadscope-theme and this would be a problem for me…
    Why is it still possible to buy the Broadscope-theme? (I did so a few weeks ago)

    Thanks for your reply already,


    Please open a new ticket for a completely new question.

    Broadscrope theme is still supported. Why do you think it’s not? Tell and show us in your new ticket more about your issues. Include a link and maybe even screenshots (, dropbox).

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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