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    I love the Abundance theme!

    1. I would like to change the font color and size of the DOWNLOAD FILE link on the ORDER RECEIVED page. It is showing up as a dark grey link which is really hard to notice. Would like them to be red instead and just as large as the product title. How/where can I make this change?

    2. I would also like to add a picture and text to the blog categories pages. I want it to look just like the WooCommerce product-category pages here:

    3. SideBARS are too narrow for my FB widget. Can I make it a bit wider without making the content area smaller?


    Hello, can anybody help me please? Anybody?…..


    I know you guys are probably really busy, but I would really appreciate some direction on #1 and #2. Has anyone ever tried to do these?


    yooo hoooo


    I’ve been waiting for some help for a week now and i must admit I am a bit surprised and concerned about the lack of response.

    I thought perhaps I was asking for too much, so I reposted my 2 of my most urgent questions and a new problem I am having with the sidebars in the woo shop, but they were deleted after 24 hours. Why was that deleted but no one answers these?


    oops sorry, they were not deleted. i see Ismael has answered the fresh- shorter requests for help. Thank you


    Hi MaryMcBeth,

    1.) I tried to go to the Order Received page, but I could not see the Download File link(because I can’t complete the transaction). Can you post a screenshot of the Download File link inspected with firebug.

    2.) Is this already fixed? I can already see it in blog category pages. I hope I didn’t misunderstood it.




    Hi Ismael,

    About #1:

    Ok, here are links to screenshots of the Download file link on the Order Received confirmation page from the sale of a book in Woocommerce. Notice that directly under the second product title (eBook DECEPTION By Jackie White) there is a text link (in grey) :

    “Download file” with an arrow pointing right. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -.png

    This Download text link appears on all sold downloadable products in the confirmation page. However, I feel it is hard to notice and will cause buyer’s to contact me asking why they haven’t received their link in the email. There for I want to make that text red, much larger and alter the words to: Click Here to Download your eBook. Is this good enough? Do you still need the firebug shot? I’m not so good with firebug yet…

    About #2: Clarification: I want to make the actual category archive heading on blog categories look like the shop categories heading (with title, an image and description at the top). I want to make this:

    look like this:

    Thank you for your help.


    Hi MaryMcBeth,

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .order_table_item .product-name small a {
    font-size: 14px;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: red;

    As for the different header style for the Blog category archives, I’m not quite how you could get that easily. The default post category description can’t hold an image as far as I know. You could output the category description but it would also need to be inside a new div within the archive.php file.

    So you would add the function right after the title with something like:

    <?php echo avia_title(false,false,avia_which_archive()); ?>
    <?php if (is_category())
    echo category_description( $category_id );

    Note: I included the title that is already on line 17 in archive.php so you can just replace that line with the above. It still may require some additional css to get it looking exactly as you’d like but that is as far as I think we can help with via support.




    Thanks Devin, but about #1, it is the “Download file” text that I want to change to red NOT the product name. How does this change the css you gave me?

    Thanks for #2.


    The issue is that the download text doesn’t actually have any kind of identifier so I tried to target the text that has the “small” tag with the css.

    Did you try using it and it did not work or are you just going by what the css says? If that does not work I’m not sure we can actually do anything to alter it as again it the plugin doesn’t provide any kind of code that lets us target it specifically and individually.




    I was going by what the css said. I will try it now and let you know how it goes.




    I hope it worked out?



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