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    Hey there,

    I tried to grab the Dribble and RSS Icons from the web page and pull it to my desktop and it is giving the @http file. Not the image itself. I need to change those bad boys to Pinterist and Tumblr icons. Are those stored in our folder files for the template or calling those icons from an icon set somewhere? I looked in multiple image files in the template’s directory and couldn’t locate them.

    Also, what is the name of the icon set? It would be great if it came with a Tumblr and Pintereist icon in their set. Otherwise, I’m fine making my own.

    Thank you for the information. You’re support and team of folks are top notch.



    Hi Bryan,

    The images are located in /wp-content/themes/propulsion/images/layout/. As far as what icon set Kriesi used I’m not sure. You may find the Picons Social ( to be of use for the Tumblr icon. I think they’re similar enough in style. You can download the Pinterest directly from the Pinterest website.

    Hope this helps!




    Thank you! That worked. And that icon set suggestion saved me a lot of time. Most appreciative.


    Great! Glad Mya was able to help you :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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