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    I am learning your template and have had no problems except changing css attributes. I read the documentation file and it says to “open the HTML template files, look in the head, and change the style.css link. The only problem is I have no HTML files that downloaded except documentation.

    I tried editing each style sheet in the css folder and uploading them directly into my wordpress folders with my hosting service….no luck.

    I am new to web design but am obviously not seeing something.

    Can you help?



    Hey randy.

    The theme uses 2 different stylesheets: it always uses style.css so if you add anything to this file it will be added to the output for sure. the other stylesheets (located in folder css) are used depending on which skin you have choosen in your backend (default, minimal, dark)

    so if you have chooosen to go with the minimal skin, the default color options are pulled from style2.css

    hope this explains it better ;)


    Thank you..problem solved

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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