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    How do I change the Big Text on Home page to read something else? If you go to – at the top the big text says “WELCOME / TO EUNOIA, A SUPER WORDPRESS PORTFOLIO THEME WITH TONS OF OPTIONS.” I would like to change this, but where do I go? I went to Pages to the Welcome page, but the text is not there to adjust.

    Also, if you go to Portfolio and select Youth Photo Documentary Project, There is a portfolio meta field called Organization URL. I have listed the link for the organization, but i dont want it to read the link but I would like it to read the name of org. How can I change this?




    Oh and one last thing… How do I get the link in the portfolio meta field to open on a new page?




    1) It seems like this text is part of a callout element (dynamic template). Go to Eunoia > Template Builder and edit the “front page” template. Then select the callout/headline element and change the text.

    2) You can try to insert html code into the meta field. Instead of insert

    <a href="" target='_blank'>My link title</a>

    and replace “My link title” with the name of the organization and the href value with the website url. You also need to remove following code from functions-eunoia.php

    //convert urls
    $linktext = $p_metas[$counter];
    if(strlen($linktext) > 50) $linktext = __('Link','avia_framework');
    $p_metas[$counter] = "<a href='".$p_metas[$counter]."'>".$linktext."</a>";

    3) The html code above will open a new tab because of target=’_blank’.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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