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    hi all,

    2 following questions:

    1. how can I set the beackground of my logo area to “transparent”, whithout changing white menu background? I have uploaded a transparent logo, however it still appears with white background.

    2. in which directory can I upload a favicon.ico? can I use animated favicon as well (as gif)?

    Thanks and regards



    anyone, any idea?


    Hi master04,

    Unfortunately, the logo and menu are in the same container. So you aren’t able to set the background of the logo alone to transparent. You can take a look by adding the following to your Quick CSS:

    .sidebar .box {
    background: transparent;

    Favicons can be anything allowed by browsers. Take a look at:

    You can add the code and link in it to the header.php right along with the other <link rel items. Then add the favicon to wherever you want as long as the code you put directs the browser to find it.




    thanks devin, appreciate your help.

    it would be absolutely fantastic, if kriesi (or somenone else) could change this in one of the coming updates, as it looks really kickin´, if you set the menu-box and the logo without background and just an huge background image… wow… would like to have this as a single option… maybe together with the option to change font color of submenu and the line between the menu items….

    nevertheless: at least the shop needs a white background…

    case closed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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