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    I had several questions about the theme:

    1. I created an animated looping .GIF thats 300px by 300px. and uploaded in the “background image” section. Its showing up locked at the top left section of the website. is there any way to center the background without scaling or cropping?

    2. I have a new custom style sheet that I named “burtand-skin.css” and used


    * shows all the available skins

    * @since 13/03/2021

    * by camaleo, (Email address hidden if logged out)


    $available_skins = array();

    $available_skins = 'minimal-skin.css';

    $available_skins = 'dark-skin.css';

    $data = scandir( TEMPLATEPATH . '/css' );

    if(is_array($data)) {

    foreach($data as $key => $file) {

    if($file != '.' && $file != '..'

    && $file != 'minimal-skin.css' && $file != 'dark-skin.css'

    && substr($file, -9) == '-skin.css') {

    $available_skins = $file;




    $avia_elements[] = array(

    "slug" => "styling",

    "name" => "Which general color scheme should be used?",

    "desc" => "You can choose between a light and a dark color scheme here.",

    "id" => "stylesheet",

    "type" => "select",

    "std" => "minimal-skin.css",

    "target" => array("default_slideshow_target::.live_bg_default::set_id"),

    // "subtype" => array('Minimal (minimal-skin.css)'=>'minimal-skin.css','Dark (dark-skin.css)'=>'dark-skin.css')); /* camaleo: 13/03/2021 */

    "subtype" => $available_skins); /* camaleo: 13/03/2021 */

    Now I can select “burtand-skin” in my dropdown list on the backend, but when I select it, my website turns blank. Any idea what might be causing this problem? I’m just using the custom.css for now.

    3. How do I add a custom Cufon font? I got the JS file called “Highlands_400” and put it in the “…/framework/js/fonts” directory and renamed it “highlands.font”. Then I changed “register-admin-options.php” and added 'Highlands'=>'highlands__1.3', where the list of fonts is. But when I select it, it does not change anything. Am I missing another step? Or could it be the font?

    4. How do I make content boxes (the white background for minimal-skin.css and the black background for dark-skin.css) transparent? Also, how would I go about making it disappear altogether?

    5. How do I center the social buttons on the left sidebar? I got rid of the copyright and the name, what else do I do?

    6. What files affect the menu link? I would like to change the hover effect of the menu items.

    Sorry for all the questions, thank you!


    Hi chae,

    1) As far as I know, you would need to modify the javascript file that runs the fullscreen background image. How to do that, I am not sure. I’ll have to flag the question for another of the support crew to look at.

    2) I know there is at least one other function that counts on the css files by name. I’ll have to ask Kriesi to what other functions might refer the css.

    3) The steps you did are correct. Double check you don’t have any capitalization differences between your code and the filename is correct.

    4) Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    .content .box {
    opacity: .9;

    5) Same as for 4,

    #top div .social_bookmarks {
    margin-left: 45px !important;

    6) Same with 4:

    .main_menu .menu li a:hover strong {
    color: #333 !important;



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