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    Hello, i just noticed when i have cdn enabled the product data tabs do not work. In wt3 cache as soon as i disable the cdn option it works again. I have tried to purge all the content and refresh the pages for 30 min. to test. I have most the cdn settings off.

    I use maxcdn

    GZip Compression


    Query String

    Treat as separate cacheable item


    Content Disposition

    Force files to download


    Strip All Cookies

    Ignore cookies in requests


    Pseudo Streaming

    Enable pseudo stream seeking


    Use Stale

    Serve expired content


    Ignore Cache Control

    Ignore max age set by the origin



    Here are some Pics with CDN enabled and the CDN disabled.


    This sounds like a js error – the woocommerce tabs use jquery to fade in/out the tab content. Maybe a js file doesn’t load at all (wrong url path, etc.) or it loads too late (eg the function call is in the head but the js file loads in the footer, etc.). You can use firebug (or the Chrome developer console) to find the js error(s).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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