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    I would put the widget on the left “category” I tried everything but I can not do it.

    I really need your help.

    thank you


    I come to you because I managed to put a sidebar on the left but I want the widget class and delete the rest.


    Hi Aaonwyse,

    If I understand correctly, you are wanting to add a “Categories” widget so what you would need to do is go to Appearance > Widgets then drag the “Categories” widget from the left underneath “Available Widgets” to the right under the sidebar of your choice.

    To delete the widgets, you click the delete link on the widget.

    Hope that helps.




    Thank you Mya for the answer but I tried it does not work.

    What I want is to completely remove the left sidebar “recent items, recent comments, archives, categories, meta” and keep only the widgets…


    Hi Aaonwyse,

    I’m going to close this topic since your last question is on a new thread.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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