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    Hi guys-

    When a category is chosen, like the one below (“Blog Posts and Articles” IS a category), the page returned is broken… no menu, footer is broken. Can you provide a fix?




    Do you any plugins installed that may cause the issue? Please deactivate them, see if it fixes the category page.




    That’s a really touchy idea right now. A LOT going on in this site. Yes, plugins… I’m going to do a fresh Replete install and test from the other side. Will get back here.

    Thanks Ismael.


    Thanks Ismael. I did a new install (the actual site is huge, and didn’t want to take any chances or have to do a restore, etc.)

    It was the “Add Tags And Category To Page” plugin. Interestingly, the category assignments remain, assigned to pages, after I deactivate the plugin. So it appears I can use the plugin, assign a bunch of pages to categories, and then turn the plugin off… and the taxonomy pluging I’m using for custom search… “Taxonomy Picker” still works, and I get menu and footer in the all search results pages. So it seems to be bahaving as the template itself does.


    I still can’t seem to assign and stick a certain sidebar to these pages though. Is there something normal I may not be doing?




    You have something in your code or at some point created a page/post/portfolio item and then a category using the same name. This is a tricky situation since you cant have two identical slugs. In the past WordPress itself prevented that from taking place but in the last few version i am seeing more and more of these issues. I will check WordPress core bug submission to see if that is the case or something else is causing this. However such things don’t happen by themselves. What I would do is , get an export of your database as a single .sql file , than open it in a text editor and actually search for the slug – blog-posts-articles – to see where it is being used and how , what table etc… This way you can easily asses if it used in multiple places or not.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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