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    Hi, I have searched everywhere on this support forum for this issue: how can I edit the category headlines? At the moment, it is showing whatever seems to be in the default such as Archive for This, Archive for that. I want to control what goes in here, how can I do this, please? Thanks



    open up archive.php and search for following code at the very top:

    $output = __('Archive for ','avisio')

    it’s used several times. Just change “Archive for” to anything you like :)


    Thanks Dude, the problem may be actually be with a page that is not responding to a change in the headline text. What I am seeing is this text:

    Get some inspiration! The best flash and html sites available on the net.

    The source code of the page shows:

    <div class=”wrapper wrapper_heading ie6fix” id=”wrapper_featured_area”><div class=”overlay_top ie6fix”></div><div class=”overlay_bottom ie6fix”></div><div class=”center”><h2>Get some inspiration! The best flash and html sites available on the net.</h2></div></div>


    After looking into each file, I found the text in Blog.php.

    Where can someone actually control this text in the main admin area and not in the blog.php editing? Thanks



    at the moment you can’t control it via the admin backend. It would get a bit confusing if all text fields could be changed via backend. Glad that you solved the problem though :)


    Thanks. Is it possible to change the colour?



    just add following to style.css:

    .wrapper_heading h2{
    color: #fff !important;

    Change the color value to anything you like.


    this has not solved the problem.



    Interesting, the code Dude provided should make the colour change to white. Please provide the site URL so I can see what’s going on with Firebug.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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