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    Hi kriesi, the Newscast theme looks great, one problem though – my subcategories are not showing up in drop-down menu style under the parent categories.

    On the demo link above, the ‘First Category’ should have two drop down menu items in it.

    – kfinkler


    did you add them manually to the dropdown? I asume you are using the wordpress 3 menu manager? This manager wont display sub categories automatically, you need to add them by hand ;)

    Offers more flexibility and controll but you need to do a little more work to set it up correctly :)


    Thanks for the reply, I am using the WordPress 3 Menu Manager, but I’m not seeing how to add Sub-categories by Hand – I can drag them to the menu area your instructions said to create, but they all show up on the top level. Are there instructions for making these changes?


    Hi Kriesi – I found the instructions! Just in case someone else has this question about how to create menus submenus or subnavigation items in WordPress 3 here’s the link:


    thanks again for a great theme!


    glad you found that, thanks for posting the link ;)


    I was looking for that. thanks:)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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