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    This topic originally started as part of another topic, but thought it better on it’s own.

    Original Question: Since I have updated my Abundance files to the latest version the cart doesn’t seem to work. Is there a config file that I shouldn’t have overwritten when I updated?

    Devin Replied: First, if your cart isn’t working with the newest version of the theme(1.6) and WooCommerce it is most likely a plugin conflict. Try disabling any active plugins besides WooCommerce and test its functionality again.


    Thanks Devin,

    I had seen in other posts about the Cart issue with Plugins. I am not and have never been running any plugins apart from WooCommerce.

    Sometimes it is possible to add items to the cart (after a period of time), but the contents of the cart seem to vary depending upon which page you are on!! i.e We may have added 5 items in total to the cart, but for example on the home page it may show 1 item, the shop page 3 items etc.

    A specific example – On my computer on the home page it shows a table to the value of £250 in the cart. If I go to any other page including view cart or checkout, the item disappears.


    Hi bigalscoast,

    The ajax effect of adding the items dynamically isn’t able to get proper access because of the way domain/IP is handled. I don’t know exactly how you have it set up but the IP(79.170.4…) is requesting the data from the domain and the domain is rejecting the request since it isn’t set to handle cross domain ajax.

    Setting up the installation on the domain alone should alleviate the issue.




    Bingo – Perfect Answer!

    In the General Settings, I had the WP address and site address different (one using the IP and the other not).

    Again – Many thanks Devin.


    Great! Glad we could help. Ajax can be a little quirky so I’m glad it was a simple fix.

    Let us know if you have any other issues or questions :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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