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    This only happens on my homepage!

    When I add a product to the cart from the featured products area, it says item added but cart still look empty. On all other pages works fine. I am using ‘Quick Cache’ for caching my site. When I turn quick cache off the cart works fine. Suggestions please?


    Would really appreciate some help with this?



    Obviously the cache plugin doesn’t work (properly) with WooCommerce. You can use other plugins like W3 Total Cache.

    Best regards,



    Pete I have used W3 Total Cache..same problem…any suggestions?

    The problem only goes away when i have cache off altogether?

    Please help me with this?


    I have solved the problem myself! I turned off the Java option in woocommerce and the problem goes away…

    Guys I have to say abundance is a great theme but the support is very poor on here.

    I bought the Udesign theme and their support is brilliant, got an answer to a worse problem within an hour…you should take a leaf out of their book. I would buy their themes based on this alone.


    Support? LOL.

    I have been waiting over 8 days on a critical issue, i can’t even launch my sites.

    They just ignore you (even after 7 bumps) and don’t give a FUCK.


    Hi neiljunior,

    I apologize for the delays in our respone recently. We are getting a very abnormal amount of requests recently and as a result are changing some things to speed up the process.

    @ andredewaal, I’ve just addressed your support topic and will try and get it better known on each forum that bumping actually pushes a topic further back in our Queue (as usually a response means an issue was self resolved).



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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