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    Hi there,

    would please you recommend me how to add cart icon or buy button on product with variations page? I am not very satisfied with current layout where nothing leads a customer where to start his purchase. Woud be nice to have similar layout like on sigle product page with Buy icon still visible.

    One more request: would you please advice me how to remove headline with a product name from product short description? I guess it is useless to have the same name twice or three times on one page like here:

    Thanks in advance




    What makes you believe it is useless to repeat the same keywords when those are the very keywords you want to be ranking for? I understand doing it too much, but usually 5-6% of the article should be composed of repetitive keywords which allows google to figure out what the page is about. Do you mean this page? You want to have a Buy Button as soon as the page loads? You can do that by selecting one of the variations as default . If you do not select anything as default, then how can there be a Buy Button when each of the variations has a different price? When you change the select box to chose a variation , the image and price change to reflect your selection and a buy button appears (see above link).

    To remove one of the titles, please add the css below to Quick CSS located in Abundance > Theme Options > Styling … the text area on the bottom of the page OR add it to the bottom of /css/custom.css





    thank you for explaining me how Google ranking works, but still I would prefere to have cleaner design with just one headline with the name of product on product page even my ranking is lower. It seem that you did not add css in your answer.

    With cart icon or add to cart button I suppose that it can look like this:

    It is not necessary to have default variation for cart icon or add to cart button to be always visible. It seems to me that it could be helpful for visitors if there is something (button or icon) showing them where to start their buying.




    … I have just set one variation as a default here:

    My main problem is that Featured image dissapears as the picture every visitors can see at first. I am using pictures of original maps, japanese woodcuts etc as featured images and variations are my prints in different sizes like A4, A3 etc. It is necessary for me to have the original as featured image which is always visible first. Than my customers can choose print/copy in different size to buy.

    Please compare:

    1) A3 size print/copy was set as default. Cart is visible but featured image is not visible

    2) no variation was set as default. Cart is not visible, but featured image could be seen as a main picture



    Sorry about that. My internet has been working poorly last few days.

    This is the css

    #top h1.product_title {
    display: none;

    Ok. I looked at your images. I personally like the one where you have a default selected. If you don’t like what image is being shown as default, just change it. I understand what you want to do, but this is how WooCommerce is built. Come to think of it, you may not be the first person interested in this. You should look on WooCommerc forums. One product I found that may help you is (free) though I never used it, but you should at least look at its functionality.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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