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    Hi there,

    I bought the abundance Theme and it was working perfectly, but i had to re-install and the cart doesn’t work anymore. Could please help me on it?

    Just let you know, I’m using the 3.2.1 (wordpress) and latest version of woo commerce. I tried the old version and still not working. The my website link: If you need the passwords, please let me know.



    the cart works flawlessly for me – did you solve the problem? Or can you point me to a page where the problem occurs?


    Hi Dude,

    Have a look at the link at when do you click on add to cart the cart on the top doesn’t update with the product (basket), shows cart empt.. its happen also with a single product page. Im loosing my mind with this problem. I have install and uninstall several times. I show a post over web which the guys had the same problem with woo commerce and than, they said probably was the ajax version or framework.

    So, If you can help me on it I will be glad.

    Cheers mate.


    It works fine for me here – when I click “add to cart” the product appears in the cart. Maybe try to clear your browser cache?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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