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    Forgive me. I am not an expert at CSS/HTML. =D

    I have the theme set on Black-Stretched. My issue is the table for the check out and cart page.

    I used the inspect element and saw that the table rows sub-total and total on the CART and CHECKOUT pages pick up the color #111 LIGHT BLACK. This makes the font unreadable with those rows background being #000 BLACK. I am not sure how to turn the font into #fff so I can read it without affecting other fonts. It seems to inherit the #111 from the drop down menu and so if I change the font to #fff it makes the menu unreadable.

    Anyone know what CSS I need to implement to change those tables rows front color?



    Would you mind sharing a link to the site so I can take a look myself? :)

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    I set up two clean wordpress installs on test websites with propulsion theme and woocommerce plugin to make sure it was not a conflicting plug-in or code I accidentally adjusted. Selected the “Black” pre-defined styled theme in propulsion w/ stretched layout. Both set ups had the same look as the live site which is that the “cart subtotal” and “order total” are darkened on the “cart” page and the “checkout” page causing the text to be un-readable by visitors.

    Using Mac and Safari 5.1.2 and Chrome 17.0.2


    add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at flashlight->styling:

    #top .cart_totals th{color:#fff !important;}

    guess that should do the trick



    Tried it on the live site and test sites, both through custom css file and quick css theme option and the font is still coming in dark. I changed the color to #FF00FF as a test and saw that the CSS code you provided changed the “shipping” rows text but it did not alter the fonts in the other rows. It inherits the same style (strong?) as the numeric output totals in the last column.

    For right now, I made the background #666 so the font can be seen by customers but would prefer to be able to make the font #fff white and and keep the background #000 black in the “cart total” and “order total” rows to maintain theme continuity.

    #top .cart_totals th{background-color:#666;color:#fff !important;}

    Thanks =D



    Try following code:

    #top .cart_totals th strong{color:#fff !important;}

    Best regards,


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