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    HI there!
    I have a little problem whit the “CART” word and “Cart is empty” translation.
    For example:
    If i view the English site and my cart is empty, the roll-over text appear in italian (wp-admin panel is in italian).
    The text is: Nessun prodotto nel carrello (IT) > but, in the english version, it must be Cart is empty (EN)

    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .02.56.png” alt=”” />

    How can i change the cart icon name on the mouse over string text?
    I’ve searched but there’s not an option to change it in the woo commerce multi language plug in.



    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?



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    You have a lot of WPML plugins installed. Please try to manually translate the “Cart is empty” string using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/



    HI Ismael,
    WPML is that: A very big plugin… a bunch of plugins…
    I will try to install the plugin that you’re suggesting me and i will let you know.
    Keep in touch and i will let you know.


    HI there!
    I installed the codestyling-localization plugin, that Ismael suggested me, but i have no idea how to use it…
    I don’t see any option to change the “empty-cart” advise.
    Please help me! :(

    Thank you



    In WordPress dashboard you should go to Tools > Localization > Plugins > WooCommerce > Add New Language then Scan and Edit :)


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    Go to Tools > Localization and select “Themes”. Then search for “Abundance” in the theme list. Afterwards click on “Edit” and translate the required strings from the “avia_framework” textdomain (you need to search for “Your cart is empty” because the original theme language is English and not Spanish, etc.). At least click the “create mo file” button next to the “Textdomain” selection dropdown (top left corner) to generate the translation file.



    Hi guys, hi Dude!
    Thank you Dude for your help. The “CART” and many more words are translated now.
    But the only sentence that i can’t find to translate is “Nessun prodotto nel carrello”.
    (view image)
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .46.57.jpg” alt=”” />
    This sentence doesn’t appear in english (default language Abundance theme) but in italian.
    Why do you think is the reason?
    Where can i find this sentence in order to change it?
    It’s the only sentence that i cant’t find!

    Thank you again!



    I think it’s part of the WooCommerce translation and you can’t translate it with the theme files. Go to /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/languages and search for the woocommerce-it_IT.po file. Open the file with tools like Poedit (or you can also use Codestyling to translate it) and I’m pretty sure this file contains the sentence “Nessun prodotto nel carrello”.

    Best regards,


    Hi Peter!
    I also thought that, and i’ve searched in all the web site with the Codestyling Plugin.
    In the woocommerce file /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/languages and search for the woocommerce-it_IT.po i should find the “Nessun prodotto nel carrello” sentence… but, believe me, nothing!

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    I’ve also searched in every .po file in my site and i really don’t know what to do. :(

    Hope that you can help me to find a solution.

    Thank you again for your support.



    Strange, I searched in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/languages/woocommerce-it_IT.po and found

    # @ woocommerce
    #: templates/cart/mini-cart.php:55
    msgid "No products in the cart."
    msgstr "Nessun prodotto nel carrello"

    Best regards,


    Hi Peter!

    Thank you for helping me. I found the sentence to translate with the Codestyling Plugin.
    But it still doesn’t work.
    I noticed that in the code that you paste, the sentence “Nessun prodotto nel carrello” doesn’t have the DOT at the end, and the translation that i found in the Codestyling Plugin, does have it.
    (view image)
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .28.35.png” alt=”” />
    How is this possible? :(
    Thank you!



    Maybe try to “rescan” the plugin files. Go to Localization > Plugins and search for the “WooCommerce” plugin. Then click on the “Re-Scan” button next to the “Edit” button and Codestyling will update the po file. Don’t forget to regenerate the mo file (button in the top left corner) when you translated the sentence.

    Best regards,

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    Then I don’t know how to fix it in your case. You can try to contact the WPML team – maybe they can provide some useful tips. The only solution I can think of is to translate the text directly by editing the php file. Open up wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\templates\cart\mini-cart.php and replace

    <li class="empty"><?php _e( 'No products in the cart.', 'woocommerce' ); ?></li>


    $trans = 'No products in the cart.';
    if(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'it') $trans = 'Nessun prodotto nel carrello.';
    <li class="empty"><?php echo $trans; ?></li>

    but it’s a hack and you would need to modify the file every time you update the woocommerce plugin. Thus I’d recommend to contact the WPML support staff first.


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