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    Dear Kriesi, I need support to my template Abundance buy in the past but still have some problems… – When i Use Caption Slider No button is available after fill out all – I cant translate the words Cart and Search Site and several other things… on the rightside above of the template, the rest is no problem?. See:

    I use version Abundance 1.5 but I don’t want to change template to latest version because there are a lot of Products and work in it…. Can you please help/advice me or setup new version on my server… I love this and you’re other templates i bought from themeforest .. :-) Kind Regards, Peter



    Updating the template doesn’t delete your products because they are in the database. If you edited the php code before uploading your theme, only those are changed. However if you do not want to update, then how can we help you when you say you do not want the help?

    You sound like you did not edit any of the templates but only made changes inside the the admin area backend . Those changes will remain after updating. Please watch this video where I show the update process slowly from A to Z.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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