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    Is it somehow possible to remove the caption background in the slider on homepage? I made slides with text in it, so I don’t want the background, because I’m not using it.

    Thanks again!



    you can use following code (in css/custom.css) to hide the captions on the homepage:

    .home .feature_excerpt{
    display: none;


    Worked like a charme :)

    Thanks again Dude!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    This looks like the solution I am looking for but need some clarification.

    I need to remove the white band at the bottom of my main image (slider) on as I also have an image with text.

    Can you specify where I need to insert the above code… assuming it is the right step?




    add following code to style.css (at the very bottom):

    .position_excerpt, #top #featured .feature_excerpt {
    display: none;


    Thank you… Very helpful as always!


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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