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    Hi there,

    I”m having issues setting a featured image on posts. I’m using Choices and I have updated it to the latest version. The website can be viewed here

    I create the post. Edit text etc.. Then click ‘Set Featured Image’
    I select the image I’d like to use> I click set featured image.
    The image shows up in the window (as normal) but when I click update the image disappears.

    Please advise.


    Hey ElementArt!

    For Choices you need to click on the big green “Add Slideshow image” button when editing the post to set the featured image.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Elliot,

    I don’t want the image showing up on the actual post page – is there a way to have it only view on the post list and not in the actual post?




    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Choices theme options under Styling tab

    .single #slideshow_big {
      display: none;

    Best regards,


    Hi ElementArt & Kriesi,

    Sorry for dropping in but I have the same issue.
    I have the site running for a long time now and I always had a thumbnail / preview in the list “Latest news”.
    After updating to 2.4 choices I noticed the image being gone.

    I would like to have it stay as it was, so no need to code extra.
    Or is this the only solution?

    The way it has worked for me all the time was just create a new post and publish it. It would automatically select the same image always for the preview. But I have forgotten about how I did this. Otherwise I could look for it…

    Please help and sorry for Hijackin this post.
    ps I saw it is working for you now ElementArt .

    Kind regards,

    For some strange reason the images are back, … I have done nothing.
    Maybe it was a bad cache or something, anyway it is solved for now.

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    Perhaps, glad you got it sorted. If your using any caching related plugins then be sure to clear their cache to see the changes on the frontend.



    Sorry for hijacking this post but i have the same problem

    I managed to fix it by following the info here.

    I just need to know now if it’s possible to just show the usual breadcrumbs area instead of the featured slideshow area.

    If I used Yigit’s CSS code, it removes the whole thing.

    If it’s possible, what CSS code should i enter?

    Thank you very much



    @mav15 Can you please post the link to your page and elaborate on the changes you would like to make?



    Ok, here are examples

    Thanks Yigit!



    not sure what you mean, however, to remove your top image use this code:

    div#attachment_6982 {
    display: none;


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