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    For some reason the theme is not fully responding to mobile demands. One issue is that a user Can’t Remove Products from the Cart when acessing through mobile device (phone). Can you offer a solution?


    Hey redrumintl,

    Would you mind providing a precise link to your site, showing the elements in question? We need to be able to inspect them in order to help :)

    Best regards,


    yea richard,
    the site url is Just view it via a mobile device and add some products to the cart, then attempt to remove them. There is no option of removing because it is not visible.



    It appears the remove button is not showing on the mobile due to a code conflict. Was there any custom code added to style the cart page?

    Please remove all custom css and refresh the page to see if the button appears and then add the code one block at a time.

    let us know if this helps if not Please post us your login credentials (in the “private data” field), so we can take a look at your backend.

    Login credentials include:

    • The URL to the login screen.
    • A valid username (with full administration capabilities).
    • As well as a password for that username.
    • permission to deactivate plugins if necessary.

    Best regards,


    No Custom Styling code was added to my knowledge. The only .css changes are those added under the ‘quick .css’ area of the template builder. These were provided by those at kriesi support to remove an email banner at the bottom of the template



    you’re using lots of plugins and one might cause it. Please deactivate all plugins one by one to check which one is causing this issue and let us know if this solves the problem.
    In addition to that, please let us know if we are allowed to deactivate one or more of your plugins as well for testing purposes :)

    Best regards,


    Pardon me, but I feel your team is being extremely lazy in answering my inquiry and providing help. This is an urgent matter that is losing me numerous mobile sales. I have tried this solution already before I contacted you. It is simply a theme responsiveness issue. When viewing via a mobile device the ‘remove products’ button is not showing in the cart. Its cut-off. Also the ‘update cart’ button does not work either. Therefore ordering via mobile device is virtually not working on my site. Now I do not think I had any back-end theme customization – and my theme is up to date. I have made some quick.css changes with code provided by your support team in the theme customization area but When I remove the code it does not fix anything and an “email us arrow’ is added that I do not want.Therefore I can rule this out. Can you please look at my site and theme and determine the issue? I have been asked twice for my login credentials and I have provided them both times. I give you permission to take a look in the back-end to find a solution.




    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Replete theme options under Styling tab

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .responsive table.shop_table .product-remove {
        display: block !important ;



    thanks for your rapid reply yigit, You are always on-point.
    This did add the remove products button back in but the update cart button is still not working…



    We have reported the issue to our devs. In the meantime, can you please refer to this workaround –


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