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    hi there , I cant post comments on news posts on Coalition theme. When I fill the name, email and comment on

    I get a 404 error and the address bar changes to;



    Not sure what’s going on here. I scanned you for malware and you came clean. I think this Zopim widget you have is adding tons of divs all over the place. Never seen anything like it, but I am surprised anything works, because it just carelessly injects itself in all parts of the page. If you remove it, I am sure things will improve, because I haven’t seen anything like this. AddThis is also installing so much css and javascript (8 files and counting), which also doesn’t seem normal. You got all kinds of iframes at standby from these widgets… Deactivate them , you will see everything will be working, then I would consider finding some other plugin that’s less intrusive. Your Ip starts with 50 not with 31, so I dont know where you were being sent and by which plugin.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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