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    Good evening,

    I just bought Propulsion (version 1.9) through Theme Forest two days ago, but am having a tough time building this website. For some reason, when I make changes to a page, they don’t “stick” when I update or save the changes. I get the correct “everything updated correctly” messages, but when I go to preview the front end the change is not there. Sometimes it shows up on the third or fourth save, and sometimes if I leave the page and come back to it, then preview it again, the change is showing, but sometimes not.

    For example, I am making changes to the “frontpage” dynamic template in template builder, but the text isn’t showing in “Welcome” which is the page that the template has been applied to. Also, on Welcome, I have disabled social sharing buttons, but they still show up! I have even deactivated Shareholic, made other changes to the page, saved it, closed it, reopened, but the social share buttons are still there. And yes, I have also deactivated Super cache.

    Getting very, very frustrated very quickly here. I have an enormous amount of data I need to enter to launch this site and at this rate, it will take months.

    I have some other questions (like how can I replace Dribble with YouTube), but none of them will matter if I can’t get this resolved. Is this something I am doing wrong, or could you take a look under the hood if I set you up as an admin and let me know what you see?


    Hi elizam,

    First try disabling all active plugins except WooCommerce if you are using it. If you have a caching plugin installed specifically, there is not reason to have it active while developing, but there could be a conflict with another plugin as well.




    I had some success (the social share buttons finally went away) but turning off the other plugins also created other problems. I currently have Akismet, WooCommerce, Google XML Sitemaps and WordPress SEO active as these are all key to this site working properly.

    I was unable to successfully deactivate the BBpress plugin. I deactivated it along with the others, but then had to turn it back on because I was not allowed to do anything until I did. I saw the notice in the other thread about removing the requirement, and posted there about not being able to find the page that would allow me to turn off the requirement for this plugin. I do not anticipate ever having a forum on this site.

    While I wait for an answer there, I thought I would start to load up my products. However, when I went to try to add a product, I received this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in ../wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/admin/woocommerce-admin-init.php on line 424.

    Also, How do I change the “Dribble” social icon to “YouTube” ? Can I duplicate a “open bracket li close bracket” list item

    that’s there and change it to any other social network (i.e. copy and paste Twitter and replace all instances of “twitter” with Pinterest)




    Hi Liz,

    Are you by chance not running WordPress 3.5.1?

    For the social icons, yes you can just add your own item to the social icon list.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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