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    I’m trying to apply a custom two column dynamic template to a post. The idea is to display the current post in the left hand (66%) column and add the text content from a second post or page in the right hand (33%) column. I can do the second part ok, since I can easily select the content from the page I want to display from the drop down options. The problem is displaying the current post in the first column.

    There is no option to select “current post” (or any specific post come to that) in the Template Builder column content options. Leaving it as “Select…”, which would be the default, displays nothing either.

    How can I make this work?




    it’s not possible yet. Another user requested the feature and I reported it to Kriesi.


    But is it very difficult to add in? If you can already display other categories of posts in the columns, displaying the post that you are applying the template to shouldn’t be so different?

    Well, in the meantime, is there anyway I can redirect a small post thumbnail to link to a different url, so it doesn’t open the post in it’s full format? I need the title of thumbnail posts (not the image) to link to a different kind of post layout I want to create with a template.

    Thanks dude.


    I’d use a redirection plugin like: to redirect a post to another post/page.


    Thanks dude!


    Glad Dude could help you :)


    Has this ever been solved? I.e. is it possible now possible to choose specific posts (like you can pages) in Template Builder’s Columns options?

    I am using Shoutbox and have now reverted to only creating “pages” instead of posts so I can select the specific content I want to appear in the columns. Would be nice to do the same with categories though

    Thanks for all the great support.



    No, the specific post thing was never solved, and I don’t think it will now. I don’t think Shooutbox is likely to get any more updates as its almost 2 years old now. More likely a Shoutbox 2, but Kriesi is moving in other directions with his themes now I think.

    The only way to specify content in the Template Builder columns is with pages, as you said. The Post content is always displayed in publication order, so you’ll always have the latest posts first. You can select between post categories, but you will get the same effect. the latest post will always appear as the first one.

    I use pages and posts. Pages when I need to be specific (eg in my shop). Posts when I don’t mind that the content updates.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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