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    Trying to modify the way thumbnails appear through “Theme Options > Layout & Style” but when I click “Layout & Style” or any of the other options, the page remains on the first tab. I have updated to the latest WordPress & theme, deactivated all plugins to see if it would resolve the issue but it hasn’t.

    The link to our site is

    (The site was built by someone who is no longer with the company so I’m not a 100% sure on if there were any code modifications made when the site was built a year ago. All I know is that there haven’t been any code modification since March 2013 if that helps).

    If you need a login to the backend please let me know where I can send that privately :) Thanks!



    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?


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    Have you made modifications to the theme files? try installing a fresh copy of Angular.



    That’s what I’m unsure of. I wasn’t the one who built the site. The person who did no longer works here.. so not sure how much/if any modifications were made to theme files. I had installed the update in January. I had opened a thread on themeforest comments to find out if I could just replace the files that were listed in the change log and I was told that would be fine. So wondering if there is any other way to fix the issue instead of installing all new files of Angular (in case that messes up any modifications).


    Try replacing all the files found in wp-content/themes/angular/framework/js/



    That did the job! Thanks so much! Really appreciate it.


    Excellent, glad we could help :)



    Hi again,

    Having another issue with the thumbnails now. I started a new thread but thought I would post here as well in case you can help with it knowing this last problem.

    Having issues with the black and white / colour rollover on the thumbnails in portfolio pages. When hovering over the thumbnail the black and white image shows up smaller in the top left corner of the frame with the colour image underneath.

    I have updated the theme and wordpress to latest versions. The issue doesn’t occur on previously uploaded thumbnails just to all new ones. Any thoughts how I could fix this? Thanks!

    For example, look at this page for it’s first thumbnail (Canadian Regiment Stamp).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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