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    Flashlight Theme

    In left side bar, I have setup 3 menu items. Parent, child1, and child 2. Parent shows fine, child 1 shows fine, but child 3 does not. It LOOKS like it wants to show but is somehow being cut off (You can see a portion of the “box” appear when you hover over child 2). Any ideas?



    Ok, looks like it only does this in IE…


    Any ideas about this? This refuses to work in IE, even the most recent update…



    Can you post a link to your website please?




    Hello Peter,

    The site is not live yet – I have set it all up with Instant WordPress on my local computer. I am secretly hoping that it will resolve itself once hosted, but am at the same time nervous that it will not.

    All other browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc) display correctly, but of course IE is showing this issue. Would a screenshot help? If I have to, I can take the site live without promoting it until this issue is clarified, but since it is replacing a current site, there would be visitors to it.




    Hey Niall,

    A screenshot might do the trick. If you can provide the exact makeup of the menu I can try and recreate it as well.


    Put it here for you to see…

    Note how the FF browser shows all of the menu tree, whereas the IE browser “Attempts” to show it, but the box looks like it is cut off. (On the right side of the child menu).

    Hope this helps!



    Good Morning! Just checking to see if there are any ideas/updates with this issue?




    I wasnt able to reproduce the issue on my local installation. Which version if IE and wich Operating System are you using?

    Any Plugins or modification that might interfere?

    Best regards,



    Hello Kriesi,

    I uploaded the template to my live website, activated it and added the menus. They all work fine under all browsers, so there must be some issue with my local WP install. I will go ahead (Maybe this weekend, late) and upload the real site to it final location and see what the results are. At least now I feel a bit more confident that it must be something (plugin or otherwise) that I can handle should it show the error.

    Thanks kindly for your assistance!


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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