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    I’ve tried every caching plugin that I can find and they all have a problem with Woo2.04 and Replete 1.3.1


    all of them have issues with crealing the cart

    most have issues with clearing the varient

    I currently am not able to use any cahing plugin. I’ve tried W3TC, Super-Cache, WP-Cache, and Hyper Cache.

    Thank you,



    Me too! I would much appreciate help on using a caching pulgin that work with Replete and that makes the site faster at it is painly slow, both front end and dashboard…..


    Hi All,

    First, no caching will ever speed up the dashboard. That is purely based on the quality of your hosting server.

    The cart issues and such are a bit hard to fix. By their nature, any caching plugin is only saving a copy of the page at a specific state. So trying to get it to save some parts and not others is a bit hard. So any page content that needs to be dynamic just will not work with a caching plugin.

    This is compounded by the fact that any time a users is actually logged in, the plugin is turned off. So if the site is slow without the plugin, it will be slow even with it for anyone logged in.

    For most dynamic sites/ecommerce set ups it is only recommended to use the code minification part of the plugin but ultimately if you want better performance the *best* solution is to upgrade your hosting account to one better suited to an active non-cached database driven site.




    Devin, thank you for the information.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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