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    Hi Guys

    having a problem: I cannot show the gallery and slideshow under my Portfolio section:

    It is only showing the default gallery from my homepage.

    In my Dashboard, the page for PORTFOLIO shows correctly with the specific gallery and request for slideshow at the top. This started a couple of days ago when I uploaded a new photo. It also replicates in all browsers – IE, Chrome & FF.

    All my plugins are disabled so not the problem there. I have not updated to WP 3.4.1 – should I?

    You already have access to my dashboard – just sent new password to devin

    Please help.

    Thanks & regards,



    Hi Didier,

    I believe Devin is still working on this. I’ll tag Devin on this thread. :)




    Hi Didier,

    Yes, try updating wordpress as both the theme and woocommerce are designed to work with wordpress 3.4+.




    Thanks Devin

    Updated to WP 3.4.2 – no change so far.



    It looks like the gallery attachment for that page may have gotten corrupted and so it isn’t able to spit out the proper gallery code.

    Just to double check that this isn’t something more extensive, try creating a new page and using on of the images on the Portfolio page as the first item in the gallery. Then publish it by itself and check that the image attachment is working correctly.

    If it is, you can just re-create that portfolio page again by copying over the content from the HTML tab of the PORTFOLIO pages visual editor and then re-uploading the images for the Gallery. Then you can delete the old page and change the new pages slug to match that of the old or even to just portfolio since the current one is portfolio-2. NOTE: The page MUST be deleted from the Trash as well or the slug of portfolio-2 will not be allowed.

    Its not a very elegant solution, but it should get you back up and running asap.


    Ok Devin – will do. Will get to this later today and tell you how it went.

    Thanks for your help.



    Hey Didier,

    Let us know if the issue continues. I couldn’t find anything odd when I was looking through the backend so hopefully no more issues.





    Works perfectly after creating a new Portfolio page.

    My thanks as always for the excellent support.



    Fantastic! Glad its working for you now :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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