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    I just switched to the angular theme on a site I’m building… However, when I activate the theme I see a blank page. This does not happen when I re-activate the previous theme, so I know it’s an issue with Angular. I have re-uploaded all the files, but this doesn’t fix the issue.

    The test site is at:




    Hi Heather,

    When you look at your list of themes, does WordPress give you any warnings about Angular missing a style.css or anything like that?

    Also, can you tell me which method you used to install the theme to your server?


    No, it didn’t see any missing file errors. I always ftp my theme files to the server manually.

    Strange thing is that I uploaded Propulsion; when it was activated I could see it… but not this Angular. However, in a last ditch effort I imported dummy content, and that seemed to fix the issue. Very Strange!


    Definitely odd. It might have been a setting that was unable to be applied without Propulsion being active and hitting the dummy content caused it to be reset (is it imports a whole host of settings/posts/configurations.

    Either way glad it was resolved! :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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