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    Hello. I never had problem finding the english words in php files to translate them, but i´m really having a problem with the “read more” in the sentence theme.

    My wordpress is in english, i´ve translate the word in the default.po and and some php files, but it still appears in english.

    What can i do?



    The easiest way to search through a theme or a plugin for any piece of text/code etc is by using notepad++

    I suggest you first download and install the free notepad ++ and unzip the Sentence theme to a folder on your home computer. Then have notepad++ search the entire folder for ‘read more’, and you will instantly be shown all the pages inside the theme folder where the phrase is used. This way you can easily find the parts that need to be changed and the file and line number in seconds.


    Hi darknessdobr,

    There are about 16 different places where Read More is in the php files but all of them are written to be translatable. Can you point to a specific page/post or part of your site where the text ins’t being translated (in case its one single instance)?




    In the Home…

    Sorry for this :(


    Try each of the post format loops in the includes folder of the theme files. Each is named format-(post type).php.

    For example, in the format-standard.php file the text Read More is on this line:

    the_content(__('Read more →','avia_framework'));



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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