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    I cannot add multiple portfolio categories to their relevant alloted page, only 1 seems to work when using the flashlight/portfolio template, could you please advice? Result is a 404 error?


    Hi webseolive,

    First make sure you are using WordPress 3.6, Flashlight 2.4.1+ . Next, what settings exactly are you trying to create and use to output the portfolios? If we can see the site and pages live we can inspect the code and see if there is something we can help with from this end.




    You can see them at


    What are your settings that you are using and what is the output you are trying to achieve?


    we have the latest versions of flashlight and wordpress installed


    sorry I don’t understand what you mean by output, as said to get the portfolio pages displaying


    In your theme options, what are your choices for the portfolio to display on that page? I’m just trying to figure out what isn’t working exactly.


    I think we have fixed the problem, something had corrupted we trashed all pages and started again

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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