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    Hi Guys,

    A few questions:

    I noticed you can edit the amount of posts shown on the main page, but if you enter a number above 10 it will put 10. My client wants to have a LOT (like 100), is this possible? if it helps. I was browsing around in the index.php file, but couldn’t find something limiting it to 10.

    Other questions you might know the answer to:

    1) Is it possible to have images (on a post page) appear in a slideshow of pictures? As in, if you click one of the images that was ‘inserted into post’ it allows you to scroll through more. The slideshow image is built in (when you click on the featured image it pops up), but it doesn’t work besides for this function.

    2) Is it possible to have the user decide what posts are shown on the main page and the slider? For example, if they click a category on the home page, the accordion slider refreshes and only shows images from that posts.

    3) On the same kind of note, is it possible to have the slider show 5 images, then after it’s done scrolling through all 5, it brings up 5 more.

    Sorry, a long series of questions. Feel free to just give me the first thoughts that come to your head and I’d love to look into it myself.

    Thanks so much for your guys continued help. It’s really awesome.




    Hi CC,

    For the post count, try editing how many posts are displayed through wordpress in the Settings>Reading and Blog pages count.

    1) You can use a plugin like NextGen if you want to have more control over the galleries within a post but there isn’t a drop in available from the theme to duplicate the slideshow function within a post or page.

    2) No, you can select the categories via the theme options but its not something that can be run through a user selected query without some major theme customization.

    3) Not without significantly altering the themes slideshow function and how it pulls up post images to display.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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