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    I was hoping to add a pages i created with a small preview image to the portfolio template.

    Is this possible? I added the ninja plug-in that allows pages to be added to a category but when i select the category in the portfolio options, my page doesn’t show up???

    Please help.



    Try opening Portfolio Page Template, template_portfolio.php, under Appearance > Editor in the Admin Panel.

    Look for this line:

    $query_string .= "&cat=".$k_option[$post->ID]."&paged=$paged";

    and change it to:

    $query_string .= "&post_type=all&cat=".$k_option[$post->ID]."&paged=$paged";


    Thanks for your help on this. I added the code to the template_portfolio.php but now it says ” Nothing Found” No posts match your criteria.

    I am linking from one of the three feature boxes below the main page slider on the main page. I linked it to a page named “Our Projects” (which uses the portfolio template). In the “portfolio options” within “display options” i have selected the page to show (which is called “Our Projects”).

    It displays correctly when i use a category of posts within the “portfolio options”. I would like the page to house pages as apposed to posts.

    For reference please see my site in development:

    I appreciate any help you might be able to offer me.




    I don’t think that you can add a page easily to the portfolio page. Some modifications are required or a workaround – both options are time consuming.


    OK. Thanks for responding. I will dig in a little deeper. Cheers . . .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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