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    Hi Team

    First of all thank you eternally for all the support you’ve given me and everyone else – it’s been a godsend!

    A client wants to have the Blog Page show up in the footer area as a live feed, just like the Broadscope Latest News widget does. It seems that the code for the widget is in the Avia framework and probably in the file called: class-framework-widgets.php and I’ve found a section of code called Avia News Box (thank GOD for the sensibility of programmers!)

    I know this is getting heavy duty into the code – but can I change this widget code so that it feeds a Blog page instead? And can I keep it from getting GIANT in size, ie keeping the text to the title only, as it currently is? :))

    thanks a million!




    1) The latest news widget displays all blog posts if you like. You can select posts from a certain category or all categories if you like. You can also adjust the number of posts, etc.

    2) If you want to display the blog posts from the rss feed just use the RSS widget and enter your blog/website rss feed.


    Please give examples of the different arguments for NewsBox widget…

    For example: how to you set a single category? how about multiple categories?


    Never mind… Found it for newsbox






    help: ‘Enter the title that should be displayed above the widget’



    label:”How many entries”,


    help:”How many entries do you want to display?”,



    defaultValue: ‘3’,

    defaultText: ‘3’



    label:”Posts from which categories do you want to show?”,


    help: ‘Enter a comma separated string with category ids here. Leave empty if you want to display posts from all categories. Example: 1,5,12’



    label:”Display post title only or title & excerpt?”,




    defaultValue: ‘show title only’,

    defaultText: ‘show title only’




    Glad that you’ve found a solution :)

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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