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    Not sure why but I just tried to add a youtube video to a post and it only show a link and does not embed the video. So I installed a plugin to do that and it worked.

    Not sure why…any idea why?

    I am adding the video by clicking the media little icon and choosing from url

    and then the only thing it shows for youtube is the watch=? linking to youtube



    you can simply paste the link in the post, WordPress will automatically embed it.


    Sorry but it does not work. I tried that before submitting :) and it only lists the URL

    Hence why I have to use Smartyoutube plugin to embed videos…weird


    Basically you can use the embed shortcode: to embed youtube, vimeo, etc. videos. Try to embed your video with the shortcode like:


    Please make sure that your server supports socket connections – otherwise the oembed protocol will not work.


    nope…doesn t work, only using a plugin works.

    I know its weird and I don t remember modifying any files related to this. I may do an install on another test machine and try to hunt down the culprit.


    Strange… I’d try to upload all wp core files again. Maybe one is corrupt.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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