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    I found this same question here but the solution simply doesn’t work for me, because Replete theme doesn’t have file named:
    anymore. Can you please help?

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    Hi partituradoo!

    Correct path in this case would be wp-content\themes\replete\includes folder and you should open helper-template-dynamic.php file to make changes.

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    Now my “Product slider” contains featured products, but my “Recent products” on my front page are not recent anymore, but are also featured products. It looks like “Products” element and “Product slider” element from my front page both show recent products by default and if I change helper-template-dynamic.php file to show featured products instead of recent products, both elements start to show only featured products.

    If this is the way it is and these two elements both will allways show the same products then there is no need to have “Product slider” and “Products” element both one front page.

    Is there a way for “Product slider” element to show featured products at the same time while “Products” element shows most recent products?



    The two sliders use the same code so yes, modifying it will mean it effects both. When you change what kind of product is queried then that is the only kind of product that will show (recent or not).

    What you are looking for is actually what the other thread was requesting as well which in turn is the same answer. A new element would need to be created which would need to be done by a freelance developer.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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