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    Thank you for making nice theme.

    I want to make my posts listed on portfolio page. (i.e., the images and excerpts of several posts are shown on (single) portfolio page.)

    We are a travel agency and we have many tours to list up on our website.

    Functionality wise, our tours should be made as portfolio items. But, (as far as I know) if I create each tour on portfolio item, I cannot use some of important widgets such as “WP cumulus” (for tag cloud), “Categories” widget (for selecting tour category, each category represent “1 day tours”, “2 day tours”,…)

    I hope you give me a solution.

    Thank you in advance.

    Alex Lee


    Shall I wait more?

    Or, my support request is not worth replying??


    Dear support team,

    I might reach a solution, but still lack of functionality in light of my requirement.

    For easy communication, I copied our on-going development site as below.

    This page is made by applying “Dynamic Template/Columns” element.

    As you see, almost perfect…but, only one row is shown.

    What I want is multi rows posts. (in our case – “tours”)

    So, is there any way to control the number of row(s)?

    It it is possible, it would be most satisfactory!!!


    Did you solve the problem? I see four different entries in the columns. Basically iz’s not possible to mix up portfolio items with posts because they’re different post types. However you can use plugins like: to convert post types. Please excuse the late reply.



    Thank you for your recommendation.

    But, please understand that…I don’t want to resort to an expedient.

    We plan to make more than 150 tours and its number will be increasing.

    As I mentioned before, if I made our tours on “Portfolio Items”, we need to spend more time on some ‘adjustments’ such as 1) converting post type into Portfolio Item, 2) additional mapping for menu. (As far as I know, there is no direct way to map a Portfolio category with each menu under Appearance/Menu.)

    So, please consider a solution for my previous thread.

    As you see on our sample page, only 4 tours are listing in a line.

    What I want to do is…for example…4X4 tours on a page (made by Dynamic Template/Columns element >> i.e., multi line posts) and page navigation at the bottom.

    Please help…we need to finalize our project. We don’t have a time to change our theme.

    Alex Lee

    From S. Korea


    Hi Alex Lee,

    As Dude said, what you would like to happen isn’t possible without assistance from a plugin or heavy modification of the theme.

    You can however definitely make portfolio categories show up as menu items. On the bottom left of the Menus area you can select categories to add into the menu.


    Thank you, support team!

    OK, I will use a plugin to list up the posts.

    I fully understand that it is not easy to modify theme.



    Great. I’ll close this thread now.

    Best regards,


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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