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    Right now, the slider images are just the same ones from the top post in the blog (which I have been forced to make a sticky blog post). I bought some semi-expensive pictures that I’d like to permanently leave as the top slider images on my home page, but I would also like the top blog posts to change. In other words, I would like the slider images to remain constant, regardless of what the images for the most recent or top-sticky blog post is. Is there a way to do this?

    Also, I can’t figure out how to create the subtitle on the page links in the sidebar. How are people doing that?


    It’s been a while and still no response, so I’ll give an update and a deeper explanation. First, the update. I have the second question figured out. You just go “Appearance > Menu” and edit the menu directly. Fixed it, no problem.

    However, the first question remains. I have a particular slider that I want to use for the front page. I created a page called “Home” and set as my Frontpage under “Sentence > Frontpage Settings.” Now, that page has the slider images that I would like to constantly keep as my main front page. However, when you go to the main page, you see the slider for my most recent blog post–not the slider that I specifically set for the home page.

    To illustrate my problem, here is my url: You will notice the marketing image when you first go to the website (not the image I want), but then if you click “Home,” you’ll see the slider image that I actually want to show up.


    It’s been about 6 days since I posted my question. Many other questions have been responded to, most newer than mine. Still haven’t figured out my answer.

    Should I go ahead and assume that Kriesi support will not be assisting me with my question? If so, I will just obtain a different theme, which is unfortunate because I really liked this one.



    Let me apologize for the long delay, we are currently testing the new support system which always displays oldest post firsts. whenever you replied to your own thread you pushed it at the beginning of the support queue :/

    Actually the theme was not intended to be used the way you want it to use, so doing what you want is rather complicated. One way to pull that off would be to create a new sticky post with those images. this sticky post will have a unique class which can be checked when inspecting the source code (we can do this for you). an example would be: .post-entry-44

    once you know this id you can hide via css all information of the post other than the slideshow (title, date, etc)

    That way you will always have the same slideshow on top.

    To be perfectly honest: althought this might somehow work the theme isnt really meant to be used that way and the approach is very hackish, so I cant really recommend that.


    Okay, so I figured out a temporary work around. I created a duplicate home page with an auto-redirect script and set that as my frontpage. Now when someone types in my url it automatically redirects them to the page that I want my homepage to be (which has the correct slider that I’d like to be permanent). It adds a couple seconds of load time, but I really like the style of this theme and this seems like the only way to maintain a consistent slider without messing with the blog. Check it out to see what I mean.

    Is there any possibility that an update will be coming out in the future that might fix this issue? I understand that the theme wasn’t meant to work this way, but it seems weird that a person would have to upload a series of new pictures for every single blog post in order to maintain a good looking slider in front.

    I mean, from a practical perspective, if I update my blog daily I’d have to purchase a couple new pictures everyday to ensure that the main slider continues to look good. That could amount to a daily cost of ~$40 just to post a new blog. It’s either that or concede to the slider looking bad. You know?

    I don’t see any good reason why the slider image on the frontpage, when it’s locked to a page other than the blog, is at all connected to the blog. You should be able to set the slider specific to that page and have that specific setting continue to work once you’ve set it to the front page.

    Last question: looking at my current work around, is there any better way to do this?

    I see what you mean about the sticky post then erasing the title, date, and other information. I’ll consider whether that’s a good idea. I am not all that enthusiastic about that idea because the blog itself should rotate through top-sliders, just not the homepage.


    Thank you for your response btw. Your themes are gorgeous.


    Hi kyledaltonsmith,

    It may seem a bit abnormal from your perspective but the targeted goal of most blogs would need to use this format daily and on a very grand scale. You want the front page slider to pull in your audience and by incorporating content that changes daily you do this. Its actually more common this way than I believe in the way you are picturing it simply because of the nature of “blogs” and internet culture.

    One way in which many blogs overcome the potential over expense of having so many needed images is actually in using open stock that only requires acknowledging the photographer. You can see this in action at flickr –

    I will make sure to write up the suggestion/feature request for Kriesi for a sticky front page slider that can be modified from the Admin area for possible inclusion in a future update.




    Devin, thanks for taking the time to respond.


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