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    thats’s like half lol’s and ghalf serious…

    i LOVE kriesi’s themes and have bought several..but the support response times are a bit..meh. Several other authors, who also support mutiple users/thousands of users have much quicker support and it makes a huge difference in future buying decisions..

    This is not a reflection on ANY of the admins..i know you’re swamped..but maytbe Kriesi needs to open the pockets a bit more and get some additional help?

    Thx for reading my rant..

    (any input from admins should we post multiple threads per topic or stay in running threads and say “oh btw i also have this question..”etc.



    i forgot to include something that i think is important..i know you guys get a ton of questions that are more pure html/css types of questions and how to’s…i know it’s annoying but i think it comes with the territory with buying wordpress themes..they are tailored to novices and exp free codes alike..but the biggest cust base is the novice user and i hope basic stuff never becomes categories of questions that are not supported.

    **and i think the community should, while waiting for answers, delve into the source files and try to figure out stuff on their own..its fun and how i’ve learned a great deal…(still a newb but growing.




    Personally I hate monster threads that’s why I prefer multiple threads per topic. Please never hijack a thread or ask a question in a random thread only because the issue is similiar to yours. Most times these threads are already set to resolved and we miss the question or the original question was posted for a different theme, etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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