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    Hello love the theme just runing in to a small snag on the design im trying.. I am putting a tabbed menu on the homepage ex:

    But would like to have the backround color of each tab a different color. Is that possible. … I also don’t want to interfere with the other tab tables I have on the remainder of my site.



    If I try to visit: I get an error (Server not found)?




    My apologies typing to fast. It is actually I added one c to many.


    It seems like Brightbox does not add numbers to the tabs which makes it impossible to style them individually. I’ll ask Kriesi to add some code to the php/js code which uses an index to add an id/number class to the tab. Afterwards it will be possible to style the tabs by using the index css class.


    Thanks Dude, I look foward to the new code from Kriesi!


    One of us will update as soon as we have a bit more information on when something to help will be implemented.




    Thanks guys!


    Hey! Actually with the new CSS3 features you can apply a color to each tab without modifications of the other script files:

    Works like this for 3 tabs:

    .tabcontainer .tab:nth-child(1), .tabcontainer .tab_content:nth-child(4) {

    .tabcontainer .tab:nth-child(2), .tabcontainer .tab_content:nth-child(5) {

    .tabcontainer .tab:nth-child(3), .tabcontainer .tab_content:nth-child(6) {

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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