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    When I set up a product as an affiliate link the Buy Now button appears to the right of the product and sits flush with the tags etc. It looks broken and not very nice.

    If I set the product as a buy now product it appears in the left and works fine.

    Is there a way I can get the Buy Now for Affiliate to work ont eh left the same as it is in the demo?




    Hi, any response on this? Thanks


    Yeah, the formatting for affiliate buy buttons is “unlucky”, and it gets even worse as soon as you activate the social sharing buttons in WooCommerce. I reported this earlier and a minor CSS fix was promised for one of the next updates.

    In the meantime:

    I suggest using Firebug to inspect the relevant CSS classes. Then you can play around with the CSS settings for this button in Firebug and watch the changes live – until it fits your needs.

    I wanted mine to be bigger and have more whitespace around it so it sticks out, so I added some custom CSS and now it is ok.

    It is not that difficult – and getting the hang of Firebug and basic CSS is unfortunately a necessity anyways, usually no pre-made theme does/shows everything exactly the way you want it to, so modifications have to be made….

    cheers and good luck!



    Thanks Martin, I’m a little mifed that this is an onbvious bug but nobody from the staff wants to talk about it or anounce a fix. I have been trying to get it to work now for a couple of days but still no luck yet. It still keeps appearing down the side. It got worse when I actiavted Jetpack share buttoms. I had to remove themas theya pepared in two different places.




    Hi Vincent,

    Do you have a screenshot or a link where I can see the issue happening live? Its a bit hard to fix with just the description :)

    Thank you for the bump too, I had not seen this thread before now.


    Hi Devin here is the screenshot: if you see where the red arrow is pointing all the text, breadcrumbs etc are lining up with the price button and looks strange.

    This happens on the external affiliate mode.



    Hi Vincent,

    You can add the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css to change the positioning of the affiliate button:

    float: left;

    You can target that container to move the button to where ever looks good to you as well.


    Hi Devin

    Thanks for that – okay a couple of things:

    The button is now displaying to the left and the bread crumbs is still aligning with it. I am trying tog et the breadcrumbs to fall under it neatly. As for preventing the site to go live no it is not. I meant to say I will not put this site live until it has been fixed. I am still building it.



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