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    I’ve tried variations to add a target=”blank” to the button shortcode, but with no success.

    [button size=”large” color=”orange” text=”light” link=”” blank=”true”]Link Here[/button]

    Is there a way to have the buttons open link on a new window? I’m not handy with scripts or PHP functions, but I gather a simple edit would work, and to have the choice for the buttons to act “true” or “false” so the buttons aren’t affected site-wide.



    Hi NWM,

    With the way the shortcodes are done I don’t think its a simple addition. They need to run through the visual plugin (the magic wand button) and I’m not sure how to edit that like I would normally do with just straight php shortcodes.

    I’ll put it in as a feature request to Kriesi and ask if there is a quicker way to add that in.




    That would be great. If he’s able to add that as a feature it would be awesome!

    If you’re asking Kriesi about features, I’ll add another one too. Would he be able to add a “Pricing Table” to the Angular theme, much like he’s done for the newest Coherence theme as in this link:




    Hi Fred,

    We’ll pass the request along. Thanks!




    actually the shortcode itself is parsed by the php functions in includes/admin/register-shortcodes.php, no need to modify the magic wand button…

    the shortcode button is located at line 454 and the option already exists. its passed by the variable “window”

    This should work:

    [button size="large" color="orange" text="light" link="" window="new"]Link Here[/button]

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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