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    I’m getting a facebook icon inside the button graphic when mouseover/hover before click. ??? What to do? I’ve tired all the social settings I can find to eliminate a glitch. Also deactivated JetPack. Same issue.

    Thank you for your assistance. Theme: Velvet



    Please post a link to your website.

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    Still getting this issue – once with Velvet, and now with enfold: see image: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .jpg

    Thanks for you assistance with this one.



    Please provide a URL to the location where this event is taking place. Since there are so many ways to customize this theme, there is no sure way for us to know that we are dealing with the same built. Also a number of updates have already been released for the theme, and we can not be sure what version you are using. Besides that , we can do a trace on the javascript and css on the page on a step by step basis to locate the point in the code that this event begins and uncover what triggers it.

    Your best bet is to mask the link using . A screenshot by itself though will still not help since we need to look at the source code in order to provide a meaningful solution.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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