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    When using the columns shortcode for a portfolio entry, if placing inside a list the discs are disappearing when watching the portfolio embedded in the frontpage.

    Any chance why this could be happening?

    Thank you very much in advance.



    Hi Gobian,

    Do you have a live site I can inspect the code on?


    Hi, yes and thank you.

    You can see it in here:, the first entry in the portfolio contains 2 lists where bullets are not appearing.

    Thank you in advance.


    Also, if you go to the portfolio single page for that portfolio entry here it works, so it has to be something related to the embedded portfolio.




    replace following code in custom.css:

    ul { list-style: none outside; margin-left: 7px;}


    ul {
    list-style: disc outside none;
    margin-left: 7px;


    Hi, but if you check again the site, by doing that I have got all the top menus with bullets now.

    And also the bullets inside the portfolio entry are shown only the ones outside the columns. Just below the first list there are 2 columns and the left column is also a list without bullets.

    Please have a look again to the site, and see what I´ve got now



    Hi, any chance of having a look to this problem? Also I have just realized that when menus are taken 2 lines they overlap and makes it impossible to use them. Please have a look to it in the same site.

    Thanx again.


    Hi, I am going to remove your suggestion as it does not work properly and I need to show the site to our client. Please let us know when you will be having a look to it so we can place back again your suggestion to show you that makes all the top menu to be displayed with bullets.

    Thanx again.



    Have you tried using this:

    #main ul {
    list-style: disc outside none;
    margin-left: 7px;

    It should specify the main content.




    Hey! That works! :)

    Thanx a lot.

    The bullets inside the portfolio slideshow are now shown, also I´ve realized adding the same to

    #main li

    I got the bullets inside the columns shortcodes working too and the top menus are not affected.

    Thank you very much for lighting me on this.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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